Short Fringe Updates: Fight Night

There’s probably spoilers in this because so far that has been a feature of Fight Night reviews.

So, Fight Night is a bit like the book Join Me by Danny Wallace. In Join Me, Danny places an ad and asks people to join him, but does not explain why. People join despite the lack of purpose, and Danny continues to ensure that the reader knows the people who joined are joining to do good – it’s just not clear what good until the very end. Fight Night is a bit like that, except even at the end you don’t really know why. Upon entry, you get given a wee remote control and throughout you vote for candidates based on largely arbitrary things. You don’t know why you are voting or what the person elected will do, but you vote anyway. Or maybe you don’t vote.

I didn’t dislike Fight Night for sure, but I’m also not sure I liked it. This is confusing. It’s really engaging but it’s not especially entertaining, and it’s thought provoking but I couldn’t find a clear conclusion that it seemed to be making other than ‘whatever system you go for, it’s probably flawed.’ I’d probably agree, and so I think I was a little disappointed because I wanted Ontroerend Goed to make me feel uncomfortable and awful and sick because that’s what I’d been told they do. Every now and then I was a bit uncomfortable but that’s because no one likes to admit they are secretly really quite a violent person, but it wasn’t a squeaming, squealing and desperate discomfort. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not what I wanted. It not being wanted was not helped by the fact that the first ten minutes is actually a bit boring. Plus, it’s called Fight Night. I was expecting someone to get punched, and a lot of drawn out non-specific political speeches just isn’t the same.*

It is interesting that I wish I had lied more. I automatically applied my own beliefs and all of the person I am to the game and so didn’t play with it. I’m tempted to go again and run as a candidate to see what happens. I’m tempted to go back, as well, to see how much the show does change. Presumably not a lot expect the people giving the same speeches are different people, but the fact I don’t mind sitting through another hour is evidence enough that I think it is worth seeing even if I can’t pinpoint how much I liked it.

*Evidence of my mild tendency towards violence.  


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